Westchester Summer Day
Summer 运输


At Westchester Day School, learning happens both within and beyond the walls of the classroom. From the way students, teachers and parents interact to the middle school class trips to Boston and Washington, D.C., children learn from every experience during the school day and year. Informal education during school hours and co-curricular activities after school combine to create a dynamic and active learning environment in harmony with the General and Judaic curricula. Whether they sing, cook, tinker or ball, WDS students grow as people and as Jews in a myriad of ways.

WSD 2023 Change of Dismissal Form
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Westchester Day School is a Modern Orthodox, 男女合校, dual-curriculum, toddler to 8th grade Jewish school that inspires and educates our students in their own way to value menschlichkeit, 一下, and lifelong learning.